I Poop You - Professional poop delivery service. For that special someone.

We proudly deliver

IPoopYou.com is a professional poop delivery service.

There are hundreds of reasons and thousands of people who deserve shit mailed to their door. Don’t get your hands messy, our specialists will do the dirty work for you!

Our product consists of High Quality, farm raised and Eco-Friendly, hand-picked animal poop.

Either for the perfect gift or just as a joke, pick your favorite poop from our catalog and surprise that special someone.

Want to remain ANONYMOUS? Don’t worry, we can keep your identity secure and confidential. Your Choice!

A special gift deserves a special packaging. Every poop will arrive at its destination in a beautiful gift box including a leak-proof container that keeps the aroma always fresh & smelly. You can also add a personalized card.

All orders will be shipped 3 - 5 business days. IPoopYou.com will provide you with a tracking number in your order that will help you keep track of when and where your poop is until it hits your target.